Original Dog Sweater Patterns

I want to thank everyone who have purchased my patterns. I would love to see your finished product so I can add them to my hall of fame page. You can contact me at passion4patterns@gmail.com 

I always love to see the color choices that everyone has selected. Please check out my picasa pictures and if you have any patterns you would like written up I am will my best to get them done.
Sizing chart
Please click this link to go to the new store front  to purchase my dog sweater patterns

  Thunderbird Dog Sweater Pattern

$5.00         PDF

Size Boston Terrier/Pug      Length 14″  Girth   17″, Neck


Yorkie/Poodle/Pom                Sizes  12″ – 10″ – 8″   Length


   Reindeer Dog  Sweater Pattern
         $5.00     PDF
Size Boston Terrier/Pug            Length 13+”  Girth 18+”  Neck  13+”
Yorkie/Poodle/ Pom                     Sizes  12″ – 10″ – 8″   Length
 Pink Snowflake Pattern PDF
  Size Boston Terrier/Pug  L13″ Girth 18+”  Neck 13″

    Santa’s Elf Dog Sweater Pattern  PDF                           

        $5.00    Sizes 8″,10″,12″                    

   Pink n Pretty Dog Sweater Pattern PDF

  Sizes 8″,10″,12″                $5.00  free shipping

  Halloween Pumpkin Dog Sweater Pattern PDF

   Sizes 8″,10″,12″                 $5.00  free shipping


  Sock Monkey   Dog Sweater Pattern PDF

   Sizes 8″,10″,12″             $5.00  free shipping


    Blue Boy Sweater Pattern PDF

    Sizes 8″ , 10″, 12″       $5.00  free shipping


  Pink Lady Sweater Pattern PDF

Sizes 8″, 10″, 12″        $5.00  free shipping


4 thoughts on “Original Dog Sweater Patterns

  1. I just love these dog sweaters! I’m not sure if this sweater has a size that fits my Chihuahua. Her measurements are 1)collar to base of tail=10″…2)largest part of chest=13″…3)neck=9″. He only weighs about 3.5 lbs but she has a large chest!

    • These patterns were designed to fit the smaller dogs like Yorkshires and Chihuahua’s. He would wear the size 10″ (medium). The Chest piece is very adaptable to all little dogs and has a fairly good stretch. I will be making a few of these sweaters over the next few weeks and will have them for sale on my site if you would prefer to have one made for him. Any particular design or color you would like me to make and post? I usually sell them on my sales site.. http://madebymau.wordpress.com
      I will be offline the first few days of this week due to renovations but I will answer you as soon as I can after that. Feel free to check out my other dog sweaters that I make and sell to fit your dog.

    • Hi there. She would take a size 10 it would fit your dog. you can adjust the belly strap to fit her chest. It is very adaptable. I also make the sweaters to fit if you would prefer to have one made

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